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Quest for Fire Ministries,Inc. 

Founder: Tina Wilson
Author: "Let Your Mind Be Free"

The bible states that Jesus went about doing good.  I have taken this as my personal go about doing good. The love of God deposited in our hearts are the Christian believers greatest asset. His love compels us, directs us, heals us and is the buoyancy that assures our success and victory in life.

Quest was found out of a heart to obey God, serve people and assist others in the passionate pursuit of Christ. My passion is prayer, developing Christ-centered relationships and assisting women in ministry to strive to be their best representation of Christ. I firmly believe that Christ is returning for a spotless bride; free from sin, sickness and poverty. 


I am privileged to have been born to loving parents (the late) EL Smith and CF Smith. I came from two generations of working parents and grandparents who taught me the value of working, saving, family and to love God. I am grateful for them, the example they set and the legacy they passed to my brother (GR Smith) and I. 

I am a graduate level college graduate, professional counselor, business developer, founder and author. I have worked in Government for 20+ years, the constituency whom I serve with gratitude. 

I believe that the salvation of souls, maturity of the Body and the soon coming return of Christ are of utmost priority to God and should be to His people. 

I believe that the times we are living in are crucial and that prayer is mandatory! I invite you to join me in this Global Prayer movement Live via Social Media. Together, we can change the world. 


How may I serve you? 

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"Let Your Mind be Free"


Tina L. Wilson, Author 


Let Your Mind be Free was birthed out of my own personal struggle and desire for Biblical answers as they relate to thoughts, emotions and mental freedom.  I had questions that only God could answer.  What I discovered still ministers to me everytime I pick up this book.  Jesus died so that we could experience absolute victory, in every area of our lives.  This book was then and is today my story to freedom. 

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